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Some times ago, you still found on this place three consecutive pages with stamps depicting works of art by Alfons Mucha and you also were able to take a look on a copy of the original picture. But some time ago, the German company BILD-KUNST, Bonn, asked me to delete the picture of the original work and wanted me to pay a greater amount of money for the use of the pictures in the past. I only may show a stamp in total and not even parts of the stamp. I fulfilled both of demands.

In order not to have any further problems with this company and as a little protest against the unflexible way of acting of the company, I deleted the three pages in total. I only left an older page about Mucha's stamp designs which can be reached by clicking on the logo above. I think it would have been enough, if they had asked me to delete the picture without any paying, because I never wanted to harm the rights of anybody.

I deeply regret this and leave it up to you to form your own opinion about the way this company has acted.