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Part 5


last update: January 11, 2006

Besides the websites which deal with Czech/Slovak stamps, there are a lot of interesting websites with general philatelic themes. On this place you only will find a small selection, mainly pages of general interest or pages which have a link to one of my stamp pages.

If you know such websites or if yourself maintain a site which dealswith philatelic stuff let it me know and write by e-mail and I will post these links here on this page. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

I don't accept any responsibility for the contents of the websites where the links are directed to.

Joe Luft's Philatelic Resources
Francis Chan's Stamps Resources
Paintings and Art on Stamps
Travelling the World on Art Stamps
Linn's Stamp News
Malte Aronson's Philatelic Resources
The Museum of U.S. Essays and Proofs
Stamp Collecting - Welcome from The Mining Co.
Stamp Collecting by Peter G. Aitken
Filahome Stamp Magazine
Bund deutscher Philatelisten
Der Sammler-Treff
Die Seite für den Sammler
Philanet - Das Briefmarken-Internet
The Philatelic Computing Study Group
Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia
Topicals on Stamps
Le site des philatélistes francophones
Stamps of Europe
Wim J. Bongers Philaguide
Errors on Stamps
The Stamps Top 50
A.J.'s Encyclopedia of Stamps
Jaap Hartstra's Paintings on Stamps
Adolf Kosel KG - Briefmarken, Ersttagsbriefe, Maximumkarten
PostBeeld - Briefmarken und Bedarf
Sebastien Delcampe - Stamps auctions
The Stamptrader List
AskPhil - Questions & Answers
Stampfinder - The Global Stamp Exchange
AB Philea Erik Ahlqvist
The Association of Philatelic Web Publishers
French Die Proofs
Petroleum Stamps by Prof. Soares
The American Philatelic Society
ANJEF - National Association of Journalists and Philatelic Writers of Portugal
Stamp Today - Stamp and Philatelic News
Das Philatelie-Lexikon im Internet
Frau und Philatelie
Covers, cars and postal stationary
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kunstgeschichte im BdPh
Kunst und Philatelie
Philatelic Friends
Passa Parola
World Stamp

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