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A short history of Czechoslovak stamps
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June 1, 1850 Issue of the first Austrian stamp which is also valid on the territory which later will be Czechoslovakia

May 1, 1867 Founding of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, also Hungarian stamps are valid in the Czech and Slovak lands

October 28, 1918 After World War I, declaration of independence of Czechoslovakia

October 30, 1918 Decree of the revolutionary council in Prague to use Austrian and Hungarian stamps with overprints, e.g. "Provisorní Československá Vláda" and others

November 7, 1918 Scouts provided mail service. First Czechoslovak stamps, the so-called "Skautské", have been issued

December 18, 1918 The first regular Czechoslovak stamp has been issued, the well-known "Hradčany" stamp, designed by Alfons Mucha

End of 1918/Beginning of 1919 The Czech Legion fighting in Russia has a number of own stamps for use by its forces on the Transsibirian Railroad to Vladivostok

February 28, 1919 Austrian and Hungarian stamps loose their validity, cancelled by the overprint "Pošta Československá 1919".

December 12, 1919 These cancelled Austrian and Hungarian stamps were sold to collectors at the main post office in Prague

January 31, 1920 Definite end of validity of Austrian and Hungarian stamps

February 1920 Special stamps valid on the plebiscit territory of Eastern Silesia, overprint "SO 1920"

September 28, 1938 Aggreement of Munich, end of the 1st Czechoslovak Republic, Czechoslovak stamps with various overprints in the "Sudetenland", the so-called 2nd Republic till the German occupation has got stamps with "Česko-Slovensko"

March 14, 1939 The Slovak part of Czechoslovakia declares its independence, under the protection of the 3rd Reich an independent country with own stamps till 1944

March 15, 1939 Hitler occupies the rest of Czechoslovakia, begin of the so-called "Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren" under German domination with own stamps till 1945

March 15, 1939 In the capital Chust declaration of independence of the Carpatho-Ukraine, the easternmost province, for one day own stamps and then again in 1944 after occupation by the Russian Red Army

March 16, 1939 End of the Carpatho-Ukraine by occupation by Hungary

1944/1945 In the Czech lands and Slovakia so-called "revolutionary stamps" were used, stamps of "Böhmen und Mähren" with different overprints

May 8, 1945 End of World War II, re-founding of Czechoslovakia without the Carpatho-Ukraine which becomes part of the Soviet Union

February 25, 1948 The communists gain the power, Czechoslovak People's Republic

July 11, 1960 New constitution, the country calls itself "ČSSR", Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic

March 30, 1990 After the "Velvet Revolution" on November 17, 1989, the country calls itself "ČSFR", Czech and Slovak Federative Republic

January 1, 1993 Foundation of the Czech Republic with own stamps - Česká Republika

January 1, 1993 Foundation of Slovakia with own stamps - Slovensko

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