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    last update: June 15, 2004

  • General Czechoslovak/Czech/Slovak Information Pages:

    Japhila Philatelic Netmagazin (a very informative e-zine by Břetislav Janík, Prague)
    Lubor Kunc's Philatelic Website
    CZECHSUM (an interactive website about Czechoslovak Philately by Jason Cartwright)
    Web magazin Info-fila (by Zdeněk Jindra)
    Knihtisk - a website about the Hradčany stamps(by Mark Wilson)
    Collecting the stamps of Czechoslovakia
    Dům filatelie, Praha
    Česká Pošta (The Czech Postal Organization)
    Slovenská Pošta (The Slovak Postal Organization)
    Poštovní Muzeum (The Postal Museum at Prague)
    Postfila (Czech stamp collector service)
    Pofis (Slovak stamp collector service)
    Stamp Exhibition BRNO
    Czechoslovakia Album Pages (to order)
    Czech Postal Codes Search (to find all postal codes of the Czech Republic)
    Current postal rates of the Czech Republic
    Current postal rates of Slovakia
    Státní tiskárna cenin
    Stamps Exhibitions on the territory of Czechoslovakia
    A.J.'s Encyclopedia of Stamps: Czech Republic
    Výstava poštovních známek BRNO 2005
    Filatelie v Brně
    Slovak Philately
    Slovenská filatelie

  • Stamp Lists and Galleries

    Československé známkové galerie 1918 - (All pictures of Czechoslovak stamps)
    Známková tvorba (All stamps of the modern Slovakia since its founding in 1993)
    Czechoslovak pre-war stamps (an excellent show by Peter Hoffmann, Sweden )
    Stránky pro sběratele poštovních známek ČR (by Jiří Zahradníček)
    Československé poštovní známky 1918-1939/1945-1958
    New Issues - Czech Republic. (by Dave Joll)
    New Issues - Slovakia (by Dave Joll)
    Commemorative Stamps Europa - Czech Republic
    Stamp designs by A.V. Hrska
    Černobílé album rytin Josefa Herčíka
    Stamps of Carpatho-Ukraine
    Philatelic and Numismatic Items of the Holocaust (among others "Terezín/Theresienstadt stamps")

  • Thematic and Topical Pages

    Czech and Slovak Stamp Artists (my website dealing with Czech/Slovak stamp artists)
    Czech composers on stamps
    Birds on stamps - Czechoslovakia
    Birds on stamps - Czech Republic
    Birds on stamps - Slovakia
    Voyager avec les timbres - République Tchéque (in French)
    Stamps with pictures from the National Gallery Prague
    Minerals and Fossils - Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic
    Czechoslovakian Balloon Mail since 1945
    Kosmonautika - Československé a české poštovní známky
    XA Space Page - Československo (by Petr Chytka)
    Commemorative Stamps EUROPA - Czech Republic
    Detectives on Stamps - Czechoslovakia
    Ludevít Štúr na známkách
    Malaria on Stamps - Czechoslovakia

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