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Part 3


last update: September 9, 2010

Every collector of Czechoslovak, Czech or Slovak stamps is invited to write me an e-mail, if he wants to post here an offer, want or any other request related to Czechoslovak stamps or philatelic stuff. I will publish it here if it is non-commercial.

Any commercial offer or want will not be accepted.
I don't give any personal guarantee for the published offers or wants.
I only post your request in this place, but I'm not able to give any other help.
If you don't need your posting anymore, please write, so I can delete it!

Peter Gregorik is stamp collector from Slovakia and would like to exchange used stamps of Czechoslovakia (many complete series but also individual stamps). He's looking for stamps of any country.

Peter Watkinson is a serious collector of Germany and occupied areas and is looking for exchange partner to send 1939-45 stamps of Slovakia from want list mint and used; in return he offers used British stamps from year 1901 to present, also a few mint mainly from 1960s; he works with Michel catalogue numbers; correspondence in English, deutsch, italiano.

Ed Weston is interested in collecting any stamps to do with Czech, Slovak, Herzogovia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slavenko, and will trade New Zealand and Southafrica Rhodesia if people are interested.

Ralph Wenzl is looking for 1992 Europa (CEPT) Czech sheet in black/white (proof). Payment or exchange with German stamps mint since 1970.

Calin Itoaie is interested in topical postal stationery with imprinted stamps issued by Czechoslovakia, Czech and Slovak Republik. He would like mint or used topical stationery to exchange with Romanian ones or to purchase

Forman Nickerson is collector of Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic. At the present time he begins Czech Republic with the year 2005 and then fill in the missing years. He collects only mint stamps. Payment can be made in either Canadian or US dollars

Bob Boundy is collecting used czech stamps actually just started and would be willing to exchange NZ stamps for czech stamps. He also needs the pre printed illustrated stamp pages from 1945 onwards. Would anyone be interested in helping him start his czech collection?

Juan Llaguno is collecting used stamps from Czechoslovakia. He's got a want list with Michel catalogue numbers and he also could send scanned pictures of his dupplicates. He offers used or MINT stamps from Spain.

Michael Churilla is looking for exchange partner that can send him stamps from Slovak Republic. He will trade sending United States stamps.

Tony Lagrou is looking for exchange partners that can send him stamps from Czech or Slovak Republic. He has stamps from other European countries, also some “small countries”.

Jean-Claude Ortscheid, a serious collector from New Zealand, is looking for USED Europas from Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as other Eastern European countries. In return he can offer MINT or USED stamps from New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, France, etc.

Vilijus Zagrakalys is interested in Europa-cept stamps. He can offer Europa-cept, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, DDR, Romania, Bulgaria, Soviet Union and Hungary

Ashwani K. Dubey wants Czech and Slovak used stamps in exchange with stamps of India, Nepal and UAE.

Robert Novosad is looking for postal history and old postcards of Slovak city Galanta (Galánta, Galantha).

Michael Geyer is looking for a reliable partner, if possible from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, to trade used stamps from Germany for used issues of Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Radoslav Galic is in possession of a rare item which he would like to sell. It is an old collection item - Antonin Dvorak 100 birthday anniversary 1841-1941 from the period under German occupation. It has 6 stamps on one sheet and a picture of Dvořák. The stamps belong to the PRAGER MESSE collection and contain inscription BÖHMEN UND MÄHREN.

Joze Keber is a stamp trader from Slovenia and wants to trade Slovenian stamps for Slovakian ones.

Maggie Griffin would like to buy 5 items of the Slovak Jan Holly stamp from March 25, 2000 in mint condition.

Benito Gonzáles Bugallo is particularly interested in the Czech scout post and the organization and distribution of the official postal service November 7 to 25, 1918, and would be interested in exchanging or even buying all material available.

Mark Hopkins would like to exchange Czech and Slovak new stamp issues from 2004 onwards.

Sibin Sunny is interested in used stamps of Slovakia and Czech Republic according to his want list. In return he can offer stamps of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and some other countries.

Iztok Meglic wants to find an exchange partner to fill in the gaps in his collection. He likes to exchange by want lists.

Miloje Chastven wants to make contact with a philatelist who has stuff of the Slovakian State, mint/used, particularly not common, but specialities.

Marc Anthony is collecting Czechoslovak and Czech stamps, mint, used and all available sheets, mini-sheets, sheetlets etc. He would be able to trade in UK stamps. He also wants to get all "Dodatek katalogu poštovních známek" that were issued. Contact him, if you can help him.

H. Hoefnagel is looking from a stamp which shows a sight of Bratislava by the artist Georg Hoefnagel, issued in 1977 (from the series "Bratislavské historické motivy"), MiNr. 2418, Pofis 2289.

Sean Stuart would like to collect the Slovak art set issued on 28/11/03 with extra stamps of the Rudolf Krivos one (x3). He offers stamps from UK or large mixed used in return.

Valeryj Papulov wants to exchange thematic mint stamps of Czech Republic, Slovakia and WW. He can offer mint or used stamps from USSR, Russia and WW.

Kenneth Neal is looking for a good used set of the Lindner Hingeless Pages for Czechoslovakia 1919-1939, plus a good used binder as well.

John Schweich collects Czechoslovakia art (Prague Castle an Bratislava series), plus Czech Republic an Slovak art stamps - all in mini-sheet format. He can trade US new issues.

Niels Chr. Nielsen is collector of Czech Republic stamps and can offer Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands.

Miloje Chastven is looking for world wide used perfins on/of cover/paper. He can give new issues of Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia), some postally used covers, covers with mixed postage and some more material in option.

Song Qiuzhi collects Czechoslovak stamps from 1985 and is looking for some friends for exchange. He can offer mint China stamps.

Thomas Stur wants to know, if the Masaryk definitive stamps from 1925 (MiNr. 221-223) also exist unperforated and would like to know more about those stamps.

Frederic de Maesschalck is looking for Czech mint stamps. He offers mint stamps from Belgium.

Richard Kegler is looking for the (un-issued) black or red Liberation stamp designed by Vojtěch Preissig. For a picture click on this link. If you are able to help, please contact him.

Knud-Erik Andersen is offering covers, cards and postal stationary from all over the world, particularly also from Czechoslovakia.

Horst Beck is looking for a planned exhibition for stamps, letters, post cards, literature and more from the area Asch (Aš), Sudentenland. If you have anything, contact him.

David Sales has just herited a collection of predominantly used Czechoslovak stamps, dated from 1918 to 1974 and wants to know if there is interested in them. Please contact him.

Dennis would like to purchase the stamps of Kluknava (the wooden bridge) from Slovakia.

Raúl Robledo wants to trade Czech stamps for current or older Mexican stamps.

Robert Stancu is looking for Czech Pofis #PL1347-52 Horned Animals sheets and many others. Contact him if you can help him.

Lawrence Fisher is looking for die proofs or specimen from Czechoslovakia. Particularly he is interested in die proofs of Terezin stamp. Contact him if you can help him.

Jiří Vincenc would like to offer you taking delivery of new stamps of the Czech Republic starting from 2002. Please write him to get the conditions.

Mike Czetyrbok is interested in a full sheet or an Upper Left Plate Block (mint NH very fine) of Czechoslovakia Scott # 2731, issued 03/09/89 commemorating T. G. Sevcenko. Can anyone let him know, if they have either available and their price plus S&H in US funds?

Tina Holicek is looking for some place where she can obtain Scott Catalog numbers for the issues of the new Slovak Republic. Can someone help her?

Bogdan Dumitrescu offers more than 44.000 worldwide used stamps, all different, for exchange with serious collectors. He needs Czech, Slovak Czechoslovak stamps. Exchange 1:1 or using Michel numbers.

Simon Turnbull would love to exchange equal amounts Czech and/or Slovak stamps for Australian stamps, all different if possible. Any amount would be welcome.

David Paknik is searching for mint never hinged stamps from Slovakia Michel catalogue numbers 42C, 24B, 24C, 25B, 25C, 36B, 36C, 38B and 38C. Write him, if you can help.

Zhu Lin Feng wants to exchange stamps of Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. He can offer most of the stamps from China and North Korea, Honkong, Macau, Taiwan and Thailand. He also would buy collections from these areas, if the seller can offer the special price. Please contact him.

Ralph Swap is looking for a cover autographed by Alexander Dubček and foreign usages (and backstamped) of U.S. first day covers. He has lots of Czech postal material for trade and pre-1993 Czech booklets.

Rick Jost is interested in Czech/Slovak stamps postally used. See his homepage for detailed information about his offers and use the link to make contact.

Rénald Rys seeks every kind of work catalogues concerning to philately of all territories of former Czechoslovakia, first of all "Revolutionary stamps and overprints 1944/45" by Juan Santaeugenia Grau, but also a lot of other catalogues. Contact him to get from him the list of catalogues which he is looking for.

Randall Hargrove has about 250 Czechoslovakian stamps mostly mint and almost all different. He is interested in finding out more about them. They date from 1918-1949. He would be grateful, if he could find information. Contact him, if you'd like to help him.

Wim Eltink is interested in Czechoslovakian blocks/sheets. Please contact him.

Amy Burke is interested in purchasing stamps to give as a gift a friend whose ancestors are from Slovakia. She is especially interested in the Christmas stamps, the spiritual renewal stamps, and the Cyril and Methodius stamp. Please contact her, if you are able to help.

Alfred N. Weiner wants to sell his two collections - one with Czech and the other one with Austrian stamps and is wondering, if there is anyone who is interested in one or both. Both collections are primarily used stamps, each stamp selected for the best possible condition and have been cataloged together (using Scott) at $7000.00 plus. For more information contact him.

Josep Maria Tarros Vidal is interested in buying mint stamps, stamp booklets, stamp sheets and maximum cards from Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Böhmen und Mähren (from every year). Please write him your offer.

Geoff Fuller would like to know if anyone has any of the "Posluzny" 2, 3, 4 & even 5 colour Sonderstempels (Special Cancellations) for sale or to exchange for other Czech stamps.

Lubor Kunc is looking for information about stamp exhibitions on the territory of Czechoslovakia from the 19th century till today. He is particularly interested in information about exhibitions held by German or German speaking stamp clubs or organizations in Czechoslovakia up to 1945. Please contact him.

Vidhyut S. Kargutkar is looking for Czech stamps and can give Indian stamps for exchange

Rob Henak is looking for covers proofs and essays of the Czechoslovak Judaica issue of 1967 (Scott 1475-1481, MiNr. 1709-1714, Trojan 1615-1620) as well as information on that issue. Please contact him!

Mehmet Akan is looking for covers or postal stationaries from Turkey to Czechoslovakia between May 1, 1937 an May 1, 1940, because there was a special postal rate in this time. Please contact him!

Carsten Fornoff is looking for mint stamp booklets from Czechoslovakia before 1993 (POFIS-booklets). All offers for exchange are welcome. He can send stamps and booklets MNH and used from Germany with areas and other countries. You can also have a look on his homepage

Jim Duffy is interested in a complete, mint sheet of the 1994 world cup USA commemorative stamp issued by the Czech Republic. Contact him.

Hélene Vytlacil is interested in Czechoslovak stamps from 1945 to 1963 possibly in exchange with Swiss stamps. Don't hesitate to contact her.

Dr. Luis A. Quesada-Allue is interested in covers having Czech and Slovak stamps together with Czechoslovak stamps (mixed franking from the first months of independence). Please contact him!

Richard O'Rourke has a complete collection of Czechoslovak stamps starting WWII through the 1990s. All stamps are un-postmarked and in mint condition in original government-issued binders. There are also quite a number of older stamps from Germany/Poland/Czech/Austria. Richard is interested in selling the entire set and would like to know if anyone is interested.

Oliver Faulhaber recently started a topical collection "mathematics" and is looking for the following czech stamps, ** if possible (the numbers refer to Michel Catalogue, in brackets the year and the motif is added): 1324 (1962, Petr) - 1327 (1962, Hronec/Valouch) - 2604 (1981, Hronec) - 2610 (1981, Bolzano) - 2918/20 (1987, 125 years JCMF) - ČR 22 (1993, Čech). He can trade used German stamps or stamps from all over the world.

Among the interests of Tom Kopp in stamps of Czechoslovakia is plating of the 1920 Trojan #144 5h purple pigeon stamps. He needs blocks of these stamps - mint or used - in almost any quantity. Blocks or stripes of 4 or larger, margin stamps or any misprints folds, creases etc. He is willing to buy or swap for Czechoslovak (or other) stamps.

Mark Wilson has created a stamp album which has place for mounting ALL MUCHA PRE WAR STAMPS (and other stamps of the First Czechoslovak Republic). He likes to send it to you as pdf-file FOR FREE. Please contact him.

Igor Marunenko is interested in flora and fauna stamps of Czechoslovakia.

Eckart Dissen is looking for literature and history of Czechoslovak participation at the New York World's Fair.

Jiří Frystak can send used stamps Czechoslovakia 1918-1992 and Slovakia 1939-45 according a want list based on Michel. He is interested in exchange used Germany and Berlin to his wantlist.


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