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I'm happy that you found my homepage and hope you will have some fun with the pages.

Gerhard Batz The picture should give you a first impression of me.

A short information about me:
My name is GERHARD BATZ, born on November 20, 1950 at Forchheim, I'm married and have one daughter and two sons. I studied social sciences and I'm working in Marketing and Market Research already for years. You will find something about my interests and hobbies by clicking on the things I like. On this site there are also some links to further interesting websites.

Hausen around 1905 I live at Hausen, a small town in Franken (Franconia) which is the northern part of the German federal state Bavaria, near the well known city of Nuremberg. Hausen first was mentioned in 1007. Today ca. 4000 people live here. Click on the link The history of Hausen to get more information and take a look on the pictures of Hausen. You also can jump to the official homepage of the community of Hausen

I think that also Hausen's legend of Pontius Pilatus could give you some interesting insights toward the history of this little town. This legend says that Pontius Pilate, who codemned Jesus Christ to death, is born in Hausen.

I'm a passionated stamp collector and want to give some pleasure to all stamp collectors who reached this page. I particularly collect all stamps from the areas of the former Czechoslovakia. For everyone who has the same hobby I maintain a meeting point which contents a lot of information about Czechoslovak stamps.

Most of the stamps have been designed or engraved by famous artists of the country. So I created a topical collection with stamp of these artists. Some example of this collection I have published in the web. By clicking here you will reach the starting site of may stamp show about Czech and Slovak Stamp Artists.

From this title page you have the choice to go to the German, English or Czech part of the gallery.

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Gerhard Batz, January 1997
last update: April 19, 2005