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born on November 17, 1887 in Hrusice
died on December 14, 1957 in Prague

VODNÍK (Water Ghost)

Stamp issue of Czechoslovakia
date of issue: April 21, 1970
graphically arranged by Jaroslav Šváb
engraved by Jan Mráček

Original picture:
colored drawing, book illustration 27 x 18 cm
from the year 1953
Private collection

Illustration to Lada's book "Bubáci a hastrmani" (Ghosts and Mermaids). The book first was published in 1939 with black and white illustrations. In this book, Lada evokes the long winter nights in the Bohemian villages, when people tell another fairy tales and discuss about the good and bad ghosts coming to earth. "Vodník" is inspired by the spirit of the painter Mikoláš Aleš and the verses of the poet Jaromír Erben which appears in Lada's work a little bit different in details.