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Za cielom

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born on December 12, 1902 in Liptovský Sv. Mikuláš
died on January 14, 2003 in Tuscon, Arizona (USA)

ZA CIEĽOM (To their Aim)

Stamp issue of Slovakia
date of issue: October 15, 1997
engraved by Josef Herčík

Original picture:

wood cut from the year 1931
Slovenská Národná Galeria (Slovak National Gallery) Bratislava

This is how the author himself described this work in a letter to his former trainee, now the well-known Slovak artist Jozef Baláž: "'To Their Aim' has been created with everybody in mind. When I showed the picture in Paris, to František Kupka, he said he liked it. The picture 'Za cieľom' (To Their Aim) has re-directed my life.It has taken me to Mexico. It used to inspire even Picasso and the Spaniards over in Mexico." (dated October 15, 1997)