The Stamp Gallery of Czech and Slovak Graphic Art

Herečka kabaretu
(Cabaret Actress)
by František Kupka
engraved by Jiří A. Švengsbír

stamp issues of Czechoslovakia
issue date: June 5, 1968
František Kupka is one of the most famous and well-known Czech artists. Born on September 23, 1871 in Opočno, he is to be considered as a pioneer of abstract art. He studied in Prague and Vienna and moved to Paris in 1896. From 1906 on he was a professor at the Prague Academy of Visual Arts, leading the permanent post in Paris, where he educated Czech scholarship holders. He matured to non-figurative depiction in a range of paintings, one of which is "Amorfa - dvoubarevná fuga", considered by Kupka itself as his main work. His graphical work reached its highlight in a series of sheets in symbolistic and fauvistic style, the best-known a cycle entitled "Čtyř historií bílé a černé" (Four Stories in Black and White). Already in 1968 Kupka was honored by a stamp issue of the annual series "umění" (see left). František Kupka died on June 21, 1957 in Puteaux near Paris.