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The Things I Like

You will find here some things I often deal with, call it interests, call it hobbies or otherwise. I hope there are some things which you also enjoy a little bit. Please click on the links if you want to get more information about the things I like.
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The beautiful region Franken (Franconia)

Franken (Franconia) is the northern part of the German federal state Bayern (Bavaria), but has its own history and culture which has less to do with the one of Bavaria. Not before 1806 Franconia with its three districts Ober-, Unter- and Mittelfranken was part of Bavaria. The red-and-white flag of Franconia and the "zig-zag" coat of arms (see above) show the autonomous conciousness of the Franks. In order to become acquainted with Franconia you will find here some links to sites dealing with the region around Hausen.

A trip through the so-called "Franconian Switzerland"
The official website of Forchheim (where Hausen is nearby)
Forchheim online (more about the city and surrounding)
Bamberg, the Franconian Rome

Forchheim on a Slovak Stamp Sheet
(article written by me)
Nürnberg - Franken's most famous city

The best known and most famous city of Franconia is Nürnberg (English: Nuremberg). Take a little trip to this beautiful city by clicking on the link.

Nuremberg online

Alfons Mucha and his art

I like the art and the pictures of Alfons Mucha, the great artist of the Art Nouveau. Unfortunately many execellent Mucha websites disappeared because of problems of copyright. Therfore I'm not able to show here links to Mucha sites anymore as I did it before.

As a great Mucha fan, for myself, I created a website which deals with Mucha's art. It will show you a side of Alfons Mucha which is unknown for most of the people. And here's my personal story toward this site:

During my schooltime I first heard about the "Art Nouveau" and Alfons Mucha. For many years there was a Mucha poster with Sarah Bernhardt at the wall of my room. For me, Mucha always was French because of the French writing of his first name ("Alphonse"). Later, dealing with Czechoslovak stamps, I learned that he was a native Czech and created the first stamp of his country. So I tried to connect my passion for stamps and for Mucha and began to put together a topical collection of Mucha stamps. The following website shows a big part of items and information from this topical collection.

An unknown side of Alfons Mucha
My favourite singer and song writer: Bob Dylan.

Like a lot of people in my age I grew up with Dylan and his songs. We learned English by Dylan. His songs show the "career" of my generation from protest ("come mothers and fathers throughout the land and don't criticize what you can't understand" from "The time they are a-changin'") till adjustment ("marry a wife, catch rainbow trouts, have a bunch of kids who call me Pa, that must be what it's all about" from "Sign on the window"). Look on the following websites to get a lot of information about Dylan.

The official Dylan Site
A lot of information about Bob
More links to Dylan

With the following link you'll get an access to nearly all of the Dylan songs:

The Bob Dylan Songbook

The Czech Republic
I speak the Czech language, therefore I'm interested in the Czech Republic, its history and culture. I also have some friends there. One of my hobbies is collecting stamps of former Czechoslovakia, the today Czech Republic and Slovakia. So this is another connection to this country. Learn a lot of things by the following links about an interesting country, of which many Germans don't know anything although it is our neighbour country.

General information to the Czech Republic
The history of the Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia
Historical Sights from the Capital Prague

Collecting stamps

Links to other stamp websites can be found on my

Stamp Resources Website

and on the page

Top 15 Links

All collectors of Czechoslovak (Czech and Slovak) stamps in the world are invited to contact me. For these people I have started a page with links to Czech and Slovak stamps. Take a look on it!

I'd like to invite you to visit my Stamp Gallery about Czech and Slovak stamp artists. You will find there a lot of information about many artists and pictures of their stamps.

The German writer Karl May and his books

Did you ever heard about Winnetou, the gentle Apache Chief. Every boy in Germany knows Winnetou from the books written by Karl May and - when reading - dreamed of the prairies of the Wild West - like I also did. It's a shame that May isn't known at all outside Europe. Do you want to know more about the creator of Winnetou?

Karl May's Winnetou in an older English translation
Karl May books in recent English translations

From this website in English language you should also access the information in German language, which are quite more.
And here he is - Winnetou, the Apache chief, connecting my interests both in stamps and Karl May:

I'm interested in football/soccer, too, and for more than 40 years I'm a fan of "The Club". Everyone in Germany knows that this is the


one of the most famous German soccer clubs with 9 German championships and 3 cup winnings.

Some links to "THE CLUB":

The official site of the 1.FC Nürnberg
The website of the fans
The sound of "Club" goals by the reporter Günther Koch

Did you like some of the links I offered to you? Or you interested in some of the things I like?
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