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(Vyšehrad - the old Prague castle)

Original stamp, engraved by Karl Seizinger
according to a design by Jan Charles Vondrouš (1884-1970)
date of issue: Juni 26, 1938
to the 1st Stamp Exhibition PRAGA, MiNr. 398

re-engraved for the Czech Republic by Bedøich Housa
commemorating the 20th anniversary of Seizinger's death
at PRAGA Stamp Exhibition 1998
date of issue: Februar 25, 1998, MiNr. 169
Maybe you were surprised when seeing a Croatian stamp on the previous page as part of this Gallery with Czech and Slovak stamps. Is it an error? How does this stamp enter this Gallery? The answer soon will be given: it has to do with the stamp engraver who is introduced in this section and who is known in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as Karel Seizinger.

His actual name is Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Seizinger and he is a German, born in the small town of Hildburghausen in South Thuringia. But in Germany people hardly know him, maybe only the name has got attention when someone is dealing with stamps of the Protectorate "Böhmen und Mähren" (Bohemia and Moravia). However, he is well known in other countries, for which he engraved stamps on a high quality level. First of all, former Czechoslovakia has to be mentioned, where he engraved more than 100 stamp issues during the 20ies and 30ies. Of course, this is the reason why you find him here in this Gallery. Stamps by him, issued for "Böhmen und Mähren", were taken over from his engravings for Czechoslovakia in the years before by the German postal authorities in the occupated country. Already twice, Seizinger were honored with a stamp by the post office there: the first one from 1983 - showing a portrait of the artist - can be seen on the following page. The second one is part of a mini sheet to the PRAGA stamp exhibition in 1998 and is the re-engraving of one of Seizinger's latest stamps for pre-war Czechoslovakia to the 1st PRAGA in 1938 (see at left). The re-issued stamp also commemorates the 20th anniversary of Seizinger's death.

But still more countries can be proud of Seizinger's stamps - and one of them is Croatia which already was an independent state during WWII. And during this time, Seizinger lived and worked in Croatia's capital Zagreb. And so it has been cleared, why a Croatian stamp is on the previous page. Many people believe that this stamp is the absolute highlight in Seizinger's work and the best engraving which was ever done in the history of stamps.

Now let me give you information about the turbulent lifetime of this great - in his native country hardly known - artist and his oddysee through Europe's turbulent history of the 20th century. On some pages you also will find some information about the historical background of the respective era to be more able to arrange Seizinger's life with the history.

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