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  The Stamp Gallery of Czech and Slovak Graphic Art

Die Philatelie kann sich gratulieren zu dem neuen Stern am Himmel der Markenstecherkunst.
(Philately can be gratulated for having a new star in the heaven of engravers art.)
Magazine "Die Briefmarke" in 1929 about Karl Seizinger

From Hildburghausen to Haarlem
An exciting journey through Europe in the 20th century

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Old Zagreb

engraved by Karl Seizinger
according to a painting of the Croatian painter
Vladimir Kirin (1897-1982)

Date of issue: September 12, 1943
to the 3rd Philatelistic Exhibition in Zagreb, MiNr. 116/Block 6

While visiting this Gallery with Czech/Slovak stamps, you may ask yourself, why there is a Croatian one in this place. The answer to this question will be found by going through the following pages about one of the greatest stamps engravers ever - Karl Seizinger. So enter this section by clicking on the Seizinger logo above or on one of the the links below to the single pages.

Introduction * Biography * Personality * Hildburghausen * Helsingfors *
Praha I * Praha II * Praha III * Praha IV * Praha V * Praha VI *
Belgrade * Zagreb * to be continued

Thanks to Tomislav MikuliŠ,
who gave me several Croatian stamps engraved by Karl Seizinger.