The Alfons Mucha Stamps

This is a complete listing of all stamps, either designed by Alfons Mucha or issued in memory of Mucha or his stamps. As a German I choose the numbers of the Czechoslovak stamps as shown by the German Michel catalogue (MiNr.).
MiNr.DescriptionDesignerEngraverDate of issuePrinting techniquecolour
1-10Hradčany, varieties A and B, various perforations (10 values)A. MuchaM. Šůla1918/19TypographyVarious
11/12/195Special delivery
A. MuchaUnknown2/10/1919TypographyVarious
13-17Newspaper stamps, "Flying Falcon" (5)A. MuchaUnknown1918/19TypographyVarious
18-33Hradčany, varieties C, D and E, various perforations (16)A. MuchaM. Šůla1919/20TypographyVarious
181/182Husitte with
A. MuchaUnknown6/25/1920Photo engravingpurple/ brown-black
189-191Newspaper stamps, "Flying Falcon" (3)A. MuchaUnknown1920TypographyVarious
192-194Hradcany, overprinting airplane (3)A. Mucha/ overprint
F. Novák
M. Šůla8/15/1920TypographyVarious
196/197Hradcany, overprinting Red Cross (2)A. MuchaM. Šůla12/15/1920Typographyyellow-olive/ green
199-201Hradcany, overprinting airplane (3)A. Mucha/
F. Novák
216Newspaper stamp, overprinting "5"A. MuchaUnknown1925Typographygrey-green
217-219Special delivery stamps, overprinting "noviny" (3)A. MuchaUnknown1926TypographyVarious
Bl. 11Sheet "30 years Czechosl. stamps" with HradčanyJ. SchmidtJ. Schmidt12/18/1948Steel engravingpurple-blue
111540 years first Czechosl. stampM.ŠvabinskýJ. Schmidt12/18/1958Line engravingblack-blue
1240Mucha's 100th BirthdayM.ŠvabinskýJ. Schmidt12/18/1960Line engravingblack-blue
Bl. 29Sheet "50 years first Czechosl. stamp", Prague Charles Bridge and HradčanyJ. ŠvengsbírJ.Švengsbír6/22/1968Steel engravingmulti-coloured
1842Princezna Hyacintapicture by
A. Mucha
J.Švengsbír11/29/1968Steel engravingmulti-coloured
1850Day of the Czechosl. stamp 1968, HradčanyK. VodákL. Jirka12/18/1968Line engraving rotary printingdark-blue/gold
1884Peinturepicture by
A. Mucha
J.Švengsbír7/14/1969Steel engravingmulti-coloured
1885Musicpicture by
A. Mucha
J.Švengsbír7/14/1969Steel engravingmulti-coloured
1886Dancepicture by
A. Mucha
J.Švengsbír7/14/1969Steel engravingmulti-coloured
1887Ruby and Amethystpicture by
A. Mucha
J.Švengsbír7/14/1969Steel engravingmulti-coloured
2484Day of the Czechosl. stamp 1978, Mucha portrait and HradčanyV. KováříkJ. Herčík12/18/1978Line engraving rotary printingmulti-coloured
Bl. 87Sheet "70 years Czechosl. stamps", Mucha portrait and HradcanyR. KlimovičV. Fajt8/18/1988Steel engravingmulti-coloured
3071Slované v pravlastipicture by
A. Mucha
V. Fajt11/27/1990Steel engravingmulti-coloured
P.1-12Postage due stamps (14), decoration, number, "doplatit"A. MuchaUnknown1919/20Typography1-8 olive/
P.15-24, 35-40Hradčany, overprinting "doplatit" and number (16)A. MuchaM. Šůla1922/23TypographyVarious
P.25-34, 54Postage due stamps, overprinting new valuesA. MuchaUnknown1925/26/27TypographyVarious
SO 1-24Hradčany, overprinting SO1920 (24), various perforationsA. MuchaM. Šůla1920TypographyVarious
SO 28/29Special delivery
stamps (2), overprinting SO1920
A. MuchaUnknown1920TypographyVarious
SO 30-34Newspaper stamps (5), overprinting SO1920A. MuchaUnknown1920TypographyVarious
SO P.1-11Postage due stamps (11), overprinting SO1920A. MuchaUnknown1920TypographyVarious
CZ 63Tradition of Czech Stamp Art, "Flying Falcon"J. SolperaB. Šneider1/20/1995Line engraving rotary printingmulti-coloured
CZ Brunetapicture by
A. Mucha
B. Housa11/15/2000Steel engravingmulti-coloured

In addition to these official Czechoslovak and Czech stamps, many early Mucha stamps also exist with private perforations. The "Hradčany" and "doplatit" issues also exist overprinted "vzorec" (un-issued specimen stamps sent to the Universal Postal Union in Bern, Switzerland).

© Gerhard Batz, last update December 17, 2000

Mark Wilson from Winchester, Va. has created a stamp album which has place for mounting ALL MUCHA PRE WAR STAMPS (and other stamps of the First Czechoslovak Republic). He likes to send it to you as pdf-file FOR FREE. Please contact him.

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