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born on July 31, 1873 in Světec u Bíliny
died on June 11, 1944 in Dachau

MODRÁČEK (Blue Bird)

Stamp issue of Czechoslovakia
date of issue: November 17, 1988
engraved by Bedřich Housa

Original picture:
color etching 49,5 x 37,7 cm from the year 1903
Národní galerie (National Gallery) in Prague

The 14th sheet from the album "Colored Etchings", edited in New York, 1906. In this album, Preissig has put together 20 color etchings of greater size, which he had created already at the turn of the century. On this sheets he tried out the effects of singular motifs (birds, flowers, trees, girls), brilliantly executed by photo engraving technique. "Modráček" belongs to Preissig's most effective examples for his tender poetry and symbolism.